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Local Information

Marsh Baldon and Toot Baldon

The Parish Council of Marsh and Toot Baldon, Oxfordshire, welcomes you to the villages and hopes you will find the following information useful.



In medieval times there were four hamlets: Toot (Saxon for ‘look-out’) Baldon, Marsh Baldon, Baldon St Lawrence and Little Baldon.  The oldest surviving houses are mostly 17th century, although there is evidence of much earlier building in both churches. Parts of both Marsh Baldon and Toot Baldon are Conservation areas.

Queen’s College, Oxford, has owned land in the Baldons since 1509 when the manors of Baldon St Lawrence and Toot Baldon were given to the College.  In Tudor times, fellows and students of Queen’s College used to retire to the College houses in Toot Baldon in times of plague.  Queen’s also now owns the Marsh Baldon Green.

There are two churches of ancient origin, St Lawrence’s, Toot Baldon and St Peter’s, Marsh Baldon.


The Green

The Parish Council administers the Green on behalf of Queen’s.  Bye-laws drawn up by the College are displayed on the notice board by the cricket pavilion.

The farmers have hay rights and cut the main areas of the Green. It is acceptable for the owners of houses on the Green to mow the area immediately in front of their houses.  However, boundaries must be clearly marked and planting is not permitted on the Green.

Cricket is played regularly on the Green with about twelve friendly games per season.  Newcomers, especially young players (over 13), very welcome.

Contact: Mark Denning 01865-343323 or email: secretary@baldonscricket.co.uk



The Primary School on the North side of the Green has about 70 pupils ranging in age from 4 – 11 years.  The headteacher is Beccy Harris.

Contact: 01865-343249 or email: office@marshbaldonschool.co.uk.

Website: http://www.marshbaldonschool.co.uk/



The parish of Marsh and Toot Baldon includes Little Baldon and Nuneham Courtenay.  The Team Vicar also looks after Berinsfield and Drayton St Leonard.  Times of services are displayed on the Church notice boards and in the Newsletter.

Team Vicar:  Revd Paul Cawthorne

Contact: 01865-340460 or bbdparishoffice@googlemail.com


Roman Catholic Church at Dorchester

Contact: Father John Osman 01865-340417, http://www.stbirinus.co.uk/

Roman Catholic Church at Littlemore

Contact: Father John Hancock 778454


Village Information

Information on activities, events and matters relevant to the village can be found in a number of ways:

Website (this website), www.baldons.org.uk  Regularly updated – a great way to get information on village history, events, societies and practicalities.

http://www.oxfordshirevillages.co.uk/southoxonvillages/marsh_and_toot_baldon.html for some local pictures and information.

The Baldons and Nuneham Courtenay Newsletter

The free, monthly newsletter is delivered to every house in the villages.

Contact: Natasha Eliot 01865 340562 or tashaandjames@btopenworld.com

Village email

Information on things happening in the villages, including social events and council matters, is sent out to those on the village email list.

Contact: John Clark baldonsinfo@gmail.com


Village Hall

The village hall, built in 1987, is used for a range of activities including drawing classes, exercise classes, wine-tasting classes, as a day centre for the elderly, and for toddlers’ and youth groups.

Contact: Darren Baber 01865 340264


Baldons Events Committee

The committee arranges social events such as a ball, barn dance, lunch on the Green.

Contact: Bruce Don, baldonsevents@hotmail.com



The Seven Stars, Marsh Baldon 01865 343337http://www.sevenstarsonthegreen.co.uk/  

The Mole Inn, Toot Baldon 01865 340001http://www.themoleinn.com/


Doctors’ Surgeries

Berinsfield Health Centre

8.30 – 6.30 Monday – Friday

8.00 – 10.30 Saturday

Contact 01865 340558http://www.berinsfieldhealthcentre.com/


8.45 – 6.30 Monday – Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Contact: 01865 341114


Clifton Hampden Surgery

9.00 – 6.30 Monday and Thursday

9.00 – 5.00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Contact: 01865-407888, http://www.cliftonhampdensurgery.co.uk/


9.00 – 6.30 Monday and Thursday

9.00 – 5.00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Contact: 01865 407888


Bus Services

Bus No. X39 and X40 go from Nuneham Courtenay to Oxford City centre about twice an hour.

Contact: www.thames-travel.co.uk/busx39x40x41


Park & Ride buses leave Redbridge and Thornhill every ten minutes to go to Oxford City centre.


Buses depart from Thornhill Park and Ride for London and the airports.

Contact: Oxford Espress 01865 785400 or www.espress.info

Contact: Oxford Tube 01865772250 or www.oxfordtube.com

Contact: The Airline 01865 785400 or www.theairline.info


South Oxfordshire District Council

For information on council services, council tax, the electoral register, planning, rubbish collection etc.

Contact: 01491 823000 or www.southoxon.gov.uk

District Councillor: Sam Casey-Rerhaye,  emai:l  Sam.Casey-Rerhaye@southoxon.gov.uk 

Refuse Collection

Normally on Tuesday mornings.  One week general household rubbish (black bin) and food waste is collected and the following week recycling (green bin), food waste and, optionally, garden waste (brown bin).

Contact: 01491 823000 or 




There is a household rubbish tip at Redbridge, Oxford

8.00 – 5.00 Monday – Sunday

8.00 – 8.00 Thursday, beginning of April – end of September


Mobile Library


Outside the school in Marsh Baldon alternate Thursdays 11.25 – 12.10

Threadneedle House, Nuneham Courtenay, alternate Thursdays 1.30 – 1.40

Contact: 01865 810231



There is a shop in Clifton Hampden, a Co-op in Berinsfield and one attached to the petrol station in Stadhampton.  Sainsbury is on the Ring Road at the A4074 junction.  Tesco is also on the Ring Road at the B480 junction.

A milkman delivers six days a week.

Contact:  Alan Woods 792221 or www.milkandmore.co.uk


Parish Council

There are four elected representatives from Marsh Baldon and two from Toot Baldon.  The council normally meets five times a year, meetings are open to the public and details are published in the Newsletter and posted on the Parish Council notice boards.  These are to be found by the telephone box on the North of the Green and by the Seven Stars on the South in Marsh Baldon and by the Mole Inn in Toot Baldon.


Chairman: Dorothy Tonge 01865 343234, chairman@baldonspc.org

Parish Clerk: Tom James, 07484 800277, clerk@baldonspc.org 


District Councillor: Sam Casey-Rerhaye, sam.casey-rerhaye@southoxon.gov.uk

County Councillor: Robin Bennett, robin.bennett@oxfordshire.gov.uk