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Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News July 2016

Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News


The Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council meeting was held on 8/6/16 at 7:30pm at the village hall.

Present: Cllr Simon Grant, Cllr Jasminder Love, Cllr Mark Pritchett, Cllr Madhvi Saini.


The meeting considered three planning applications and they were as follows:

  • P16/S1210/LB - Refused for material reasons.
  • P16/S1399/HP – Approved.
  • P16/S1401/LB – Approved.

All applications can be seen on the SODC website, using links to planning, and then using the reference numbers above.


After conducting the usual financial matters, the Councillors discussed their concerns over the proposal for 3,500 houses to be built on the land south of Grenoble Road. This land is in the green-belt area, and development opposed by SODC. However, OCC has now put this proposal forward as one of its five preferred sites for development.  This, along with the Clifton Hampden bridge development, will leave Nuneham Courtenay and nearby villages somewhat sandwiched by expansion, and an increase in traffic along the A4074. We will be watching how these decisions are being developed, and keep all informed.


We wish you all happy Summer holidays, and hope the children all enjoy the break.


Our next meeting is to be held Tuesday 9th August 2016,  7:30pm at the village hall.


A note from the Chair

The parish lost a great resident, Don Dyke, who sadly lost his fight with cancer. He was a wonderful man who contributed greatly to the Village Plan meetings, and was always full of ideas and wisdom. He was always supportive at Parish Council meetings and his knowledge was invaluable. A true gentleman who cared about the environment. He will be truly missed, and our thoughts of love go out to his family.

Cllr Jasminder Love (Chair)


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