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Baldons Parish Council News March 2022

Baldons Parish Council News


20 mph speed limit

An application has now been made to OCC for a 20-mph limit through the villages. As part of the process, we are required to provide information on the extent of villagers’ support and to do this a short questionnaire was circulated in February via Village Info email. At the time of writing early responses indicate a majority support.   We will also be providing data on the speed survey conducted in The Croft in 2016.  OCC are expecting many applications from villages and will be assessing and initially supporting those with greatest priority.


Southern track

A constructive meeting has been held with residents on the south side of the green to discuss the repair and maintenance of the track and whilst there are a number of questions and issues to be addressed there was broad support for repair of the track and for exploring the project and maintenance in more detail. There was agreement that a working group be established by residents to take this forward and bring firm proposals to the Parish Council.  Residents will be kept informed.


Village Spring Clean Sunday 3rd April

Please do not forget to come along and help us clear up the footpaths, roadside verges and village green. It is 2 years since we were last able to plan it due to Covid restrictions.


Meet on the village green at 10 am or liaise with John Maskell for arrangements in Toot Baldon. Wear good shoes or wellies and gloves. It should only take an hour or so. The more come the quicker we can be finished. Bring your family.


Planning applications

Durham Leys Farm. An application under permitted development for construction of a farm track from the gateway by the caravan site to access fields.


Footpath and Bridleway Closures

Temporary footpath closure notices have been issued for footpaths in Toot Baldon and Marsh Baldon which will be effective for short periods in March, May, and June to permit work on the overhead power lines between Cowley and Didcot to be refurbished. Details have been circulated via Village info email.


OCC draft Local Transport and Connectivity Plan

Oxfordshire County Council are undertaking a wide consultation with parishes and the public on the future of roads, local transport, and connectivity policy over the next 30 years.  The objectives are to achieve decarbonization and improved air quality and health, by reduced use of the private car and encouraging alternatives including cycling and walking including walking to school.  This is to be achieved by:-

  • Reduced availability of parking spaces and more parking charges
  • Promotion of more cycling and walking routes including the policy of encouraging 20-minute neighbourhoods where services are accessible by walking.
  • Improved Public Transport

Documents can be read on https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ltcp where comments can also be made. The parish council will be discussing its response. Whilst the overall objectives may command support many of the polices may be more applicable to urban areas but will impact on rural communities and there are questions of affordability.


Dates of next meetings

Parish Council meeting: 14th March 7.30 pm Village Hall


Annual Meeting of the Parishes of Marsh Baldon and Toot Baldon:

Monday 4th April 7.30 pm Village Hall

This is the open meeting for the village where the council is legally required to report on activities and financial performance for the previous year to the village.


But it is also the open meeting where village issues can be brought forward and discussed.  It helps if items for the open agenda can be indicated to the clerk in advance, but this is not essential.


We have invited a Queen’s College land agent from Savills to attend as this was requested by villagers at a previous Parish Council meeting.



Ditch clearing at Blenheim Corner

We would like to record our thanks to Martin Delafield and Ron Wells for their joint work in clearing the ditch around Parsonage Farm, along the west end of public bridleway (118/5 outside Willowbrook, 43 QC and Rojac) at Blenheim Corner. 

Also to Ron for the installation of drainage pipes in the verge, which we hope will improve the long-standing flooding issues in this area and for his contribution to filling potholes in the bridleway itself.  We look forward to the spring when the verge can return to its natural state.

 Margaret and Graham Hilton and

 Anna Marie Wise